'Location(s) ' Airway
'HP' 150
'Power' 150
'Defense' 72
'Speed' 96
'Experience' 610
'Coins' 70
'Items' Supersyrup Jar
'Gear' Doctor Socks
'Related' Napse

Airnapses are a more powerful version of the Napse located in Bowser's Body in the Airway in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It has a blue nucleus and a yellow coating. In battle, Airnapses will attack Mario and Luigi by throwing energy balls at them. They generally attack in the same way as their counterparts, but their attacks are faster and more powerful. They can also regenerate a fallen Airnapse if one of them dies, and they do so more often than a regular Napse. These enemies often fight with other Airnapses or with Air Cannons, Air Cheeps and Stonks.