Beans are collectible items that have made an appearance in three games to date.

Mario & Luigi collect beans that will boost stats. These beans are called Heart Beans (which add 1 point to the player's HP), Special Beans (which add one point to the player's SP), and Power Beans (which adds a point to the player's attack power). An oversized Bean appears as an attack of Crawfuls, and also Magifoofa.

If the player pauses the game, they can access a list of beans that they have collected. The list also shows how many beans are in an area. There are 251 beans in the whole game:

Place Number of Beans
Energy Hold 17 Beans
Airway 8 Beans
Toad Town 29 Beans
Toad Town Caves 10 Beans
Blubble Lake 21 Beans
Plack Beach 57 Beans
Dimble Wood 29 Beans
Princess Peach's Castle 17 Beans
Cavi Cape 11 Beans
Bumpsy Plains 4 Beans
Bowser Path 10 Beans
Bowser's Castle 38 Beans