'Location(s) ' Blubble Lake
'HP' 200
'Power' 120
'Defense' 90
'Speed' 25
'Experience' 150
'Coins' 40
'Items' Syrup
'Gear' None
'Related' None

Beehoss are walking honeycomb enemies of Blubble Lake that typically unleash bees at Bowser to attack, and Bowser can hide in his shell to avoid them. However, if he goes in too early, the bee will notice and stop until Bowser comes back out. If the bee hits Bowser's shell and gets knocked out of the battle, Bowser can quickly punch the bee towards the Beehoss responsible for unleashing the bee.

Beehoss can also give each other honey to recover their health and the health of allies. Bowser is also capable of inhaling their honeycombs which restores 40 HP. Mario and Luigi fight them also, when they're able to get out of Bowser's body. They act nearly the same way they do to Bowser except the bees tilt their stingers to the bro. they're going to attack and slowly sail towards them, while Mario and Luigi have to jump over them. Plus, Beehosses can still suck in their syrup, however, Mario and Luigi cannot.