Blubble Lake

Blubble Lake is a location west of Bumpsy Plains, north of Cavi Cape, and south of Toad Town. The area is a huge lake with many rock structures and stone walls. The area is first travelled by Bowser on his journey and later by Mario and Luigi. The area can be explored both on ground and underwater by use of a special device. However, the only enemies underwater are Crawfuls. There are also special flowers that release pollen in the area. If Bowser sniffs the flowers, Mario and Luigi will have to travel to the Nose Deck to make Bowser sneeze. When Bowser sneezes, he creates huge gusts of winds that can move objects and solve puzzles. This can be used to move the old and abandoned ship nearby. The Tower of Yikk is located here, as is Broque Madame's house, where Bowser can practice special attacks in exchange for gear. Bowser can also obtain the special attack Koopa Corps here. Squid Fit is used extensively in this area. There are two Blitties hidden in Blubble Lake.