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Bowser's Inside Story treats about a Nintendo DS game known as Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In this Wikia, you will know the whole story, all the main and secondary characters, enemies, items, etc.

Story[edit | edit source]

After the Mushroom Kingdom's citizens begin to fall victim to the "Blorbs," a mysterious disease that affects [Toads] and makes their bodies swell to enormous proportions, [Princess Peach] summons a conference to find a solution for the problem. As Peach is explaining the effects to the attendees, Bowser barges into the Conference Room, trying to be a part of the meeting too. However, since his interruption is interpreted as an attempted assault, he is attacked and quickly defeated by Mario. Peach and Starlow then use their powers to send him away to Dimble Wood. After recovering from his defeat, Bowser receives an item called a "Lucky Mushroom" from a mysterious merchant in a gray cloak. Unbeknown to Bowser, the cloaked person is actually Fawful, who tricked Bowser and also was the cause of the blorb epidemic (by selling "Blorb Mushrooms" to the toads). His present quickly turns out to be a "Vacuum Mushroom", an Item which causes strange effects to take place in Bowser's body and enhances his breath. The enhancement gives Bowser the ability to inhale everything, but also allows Fawful to control his actions. Using this newly gained influence, Fawful then sends Bowser back to Peach's meeting, where he uses the Vacuum Shroom's powers to inhale everyone. While Bowser gloats about his victory, he mysteriously falls unconscious, and Fawful sends Midbus to take him away. After being inhaled, Mario reawakens inside Bowser's Body, being reduced to microscopic size. While traveling through Bowser's Body, he eventually stumbles into Starlow, and then Luigi. After being reunited, the trio sets out to find Princess Peach and to stop Fawful from invading the Mushroom Kingdom.

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