'Location(s) ' Plack Beach
'HP' 198
'Power' 35
'Defense' 28
'Speed' 25
'Experience' 60
'Coins' 0
'Items' Mushroom
'Gear' None
'Related' None

Broggy is a monstrous, cuboid dog whom serves Broque Monsieur as his guard "dog". He seems to be made from a yellow Question Block, with four legs and large ears on each side of its body. On its rear side, Broggy has a band-aid. Broggy protects Broque's Block store against intruders and runs his own store: The Koopa Equipment shop.

Broggy's first appearance is on Plank Beach, when Broque is yelling for his Broggy. He and Bowser then find him on a cliff, hiding from the two. He then proceeds to smash into Broque, knocking him onto his side. Bowser criticizes the fact that Broggy is his pet and he replies with "Oui, but he is not his usual self today". Bowser prepares land a few punches on Broggy, but Broque gives a loud cry of "NON!" and tells him to use his fire abilities on him or Broggy will win. Bowser does this without too many problems and reigns victorious.