Bubble Blooper
Bubble Blooper'
'Location(s) ' Pump Works
'HP' 23
'Power' 16
'Defense' 18
'Speed' 18
'Experience' 15
'Coins' 5
'Items' Mushroom
'Gear' None
'Related' Blooper

Sea Pipe Statue

Bubble Bloopers are a type of Blooper found only the Pump Works in Bowser's Body. They are blue, bubble shaped, and stuffed full of water. They will attack Mario and Luigi by rolling their way, but can be countered by the hammer. In battle, Bubble Bloopers have two attacks they can use. They will float up to one of two levels to signal which attack they will use. If they go to the top of the bottom screen, they will roll at the bro. they are targeting after landing. If they go to the top screen, they will bounce onto their target.

Dried FormEdit

When Bowser steps away from the fountain, all the Bubble Bloopers dry out and turn into a new enemy called Dried Blooper. They are thin in appearance, and use this ability in battle. They will jump and float horizontally downwards like a leaf, making two passes at its target. To counter the Dried Blooper's attack, the player must simply jump over it when it passes by.