Chain Chawful
'Chain Chawful'
'Location(s) ' Bowser Path
'HP' 165
'Power' 90
'Defense' 90
'Speed' 26
'Experience' 75
'Coins' 30
'Items' Syrup
'Gear' None
'Related' Chain Chomp

Chain Chawfuls are Chain-Chomp enemies possessed by a parasitic green Sworm with Fawful's face; When they try to attack, Bowser can counter-attack by withdrawing into his shell or punch them. When the Sworms takes damage, they will hide in the Chain-Chomp. When not hiding, Bowser can use his Vacuum ability to suck out the Sworm. This returns the Chain-Chomp to normal and ends the battle without any EXP gained. They are rather difficult to inhale and require at least 15 x button presses. When getting ready to attack, the Sworm will move its head either up or forward. The number of times it does so indicates how many times it will attack, and in what order. If its head goes up, Bowser must duck or Mario must defend himself. If its head moves forward, Bowser must punch it to the side or Luigi has to contend with its attack.

One Chain Chawful on Bowser Path holds a Blitty.