Location(s) Cavi Cape
HP 50
Power 26
Defense 31
Speed 7
Experience 15
Coins 4
Items Hot Drumstick, Mushroom
Gear None
Related None

A Chuboomba is a large Goomba holding a lollipop encountered at Cavi Cape and also at Plack Beach. It is fought by Bowser in the overworld and is also the first normal enemy fought by him. In battle, it attacks by tackling Bowser, which he must counter with a punch. If it wheezes before tackling, it will hesitate before impact so the player must take notice. If Bowser inhales the lollipop, the Chuboomba will run away crying, giving Bowser a victory, but no experience points will be earned. The lollipop will also recover 20 of Bowser's HP. They are the weakest enemy encountered by Bowser.

They are also always the target for the demo of Bowser's Special Attacks. Also, unless the player gets an "Excellent" attack, the Chuboomba will not die and instead run away.