'Location(s) ' Underground Tunnel
'HP' 34
'Power' 28
'Defense' 42
'Speed' 30
'Experience' 40
'Coins' 15
'Items' Super Mushroom
'Gear' Hustle Socks
'Related' None

Coalbits are little insects made out of coal assisting Choombas in battle. Coalbits do not actually attack when fighting Bowser; rather, they jump into the smokestack of the Choomba they are traveling with to allow it to attack multiple times in a row. If Bowser inhales the Coalbits with his vacuum attack, Mario and Luigi must fight them. To attack, the Coalbits line up in front of one of the bros. and march towards him with their pincers in the air. If the targeted bro tries to jump on them to deal a counter attack, he acts as if he had jumped on a spiked enemy and he takes 1 point of damage while the enemy remains unharmed. Coalbits are usually found in groups of three in tandem with Choomba, but sometimes can be found in groups of five. Strangely enough, though coal is flammable, Coalbits take no damage from the Fire Flower special attack or the Flame attack.