Bowser vs. Dark Fawful in the Conference R.

Bowsr fighting Dark Fawful in the Conference Room.

Conference R.

Toadbert discusing about the responsible for the Blorbs is.

The Conference Room is one of the many rooms in Peach's Castle, seen during the events of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Judging from where Bowser falls during the events of the game, the room sits on the second floor of the castle.

At the beginning of the game, a meeting is held here to discuss the Blorbs, a new disease that is plaguing the kingdom. Princess Peach, Toadsworth, Toadbert, and Dr. Toadly's Intern, are present. Later, Starlow arrives, but cannot think of a way to stop the Blorbs. After arguing, the intern leaves. Soon, Mario and Luigi arrive at the meeting (though Luigi falls asleep).

Then Bowser intrudes and asks to be part of the meeting. After he is rejected, he gets angry and fights Mario, even though he is weakened by Starlow and Peach. Mario easily defeats Bowser. Peach flings him out of the castle and into Dimble Woods, where he lands unconscious. After Bowser wakes up, he receives Lucky Mushroom and returns to the castle. Once back at the castle, he reveals the ability given to him via the mushroom and inhales everyone.

At the end of the game, Bowser returns to the conference room for his battle with Dark Fawful.