Dark Fawful Guy
Dark Fawful Guy
Location(s) Peach's Castle
HP 128
Power 85
Defense 79
Speed 106
Experience 200
Coins 65
Items Max Nut
Gear Lucky Charm
Related Fawful Guy

Dark Fawful Guys are dark purple Shy Guy enemies with blue Fawful masks that are found in Princess Peach's Castle. They carry a Dark Fawful Bomb. To attack them, Bowser can suck them in; if he doesn't after a certain number of turns, the Dark Fawful Guys will drop the bomb on Bowser, which will cause extreme damage. The Dark Fawful Guys have the same attacks as their normal counterparts, except they are a lot more powerful and quicker.

Inside Bowser's Body, a Sunnycide-like noise will be heard, and the Dark Fawful Guys will be eaten and turned into eggs. They will then be flung at Mario and Luigi. The bros need to jump over the egg to avoid taking damage. If Mario or Luigi manages to land on the egg, they will break it and cause the Dark Fawful Guy inside massive damage. They will also do a somersault in an attempt to hurt the bros, like Woozy Guys. Occasionally, they will release an umbrella (similar to a Glide Guy) which will delay their fall time. Both these attacks are countered by the hammer.