Dark Mechawful
Dark Mechawful
Location(s) Peach's Castle
HP Body - 280, Head - 200
Power Body - 282, Head - 105
Defense Body - 146, Head - 102
Speed Body - 30, Head - 32
Experience Body - 800, Head - 200
Coins Body - 80, Head - 40
Items Body - Star Candy, Head - Max Nut
Gear Body - Power Fangs X, Head - A-0K Wear
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Dark Mechawful is a robotic Fawful most likely invented by Fawful himself. They are very similar to normal Mechawfuls, but are blue instead of green, have a wheel rather than legs, and are only encountered by Bowser.

In battle, Dark Mechawfuls attack Bowser by coming up to him and starting a short countdown. When the number hits zero, the Dark Mechawful will attempt to punch Bowser. This can be avoided by hitting the X button right before the countdown hits zero to punch the robot and counterattack it as it lunges forward to hit Bowser. Another attack is when the Dark Mechawful shoots a giant, purple laser at Bowser. The player must hit Y to make Bowser duck and avoid it. However, after that, the attack is still not over. The player will then have to make Bowser punch the robot with X before it smashes Bowser.

After taking a certain amount of damage, the head of the Dark Mechawful will fly to the top screen. If there are no other surviving Dark Mechawfuls in the battle, the head will fly away and the player will win the battle. But if another Dark Mechawful is in battle it will stay at the top screen where Bowser can inhale it. When inside Bowser's Body, Mario and Luigi will fight it. When the head attacks, it will move a harmless, red laser to direct where the real laser will shoot. Mario and Luigi can avoid the real laser by simply jumping over it. However, if one fails to inhale the head, it might summon another body, turning it into the Dark Mechawful.5. This body will be very different in shape and gray in color. What makes this new, improved Dark Mechawful even harder is that once it gets down to the number 2, its countdown will malfunction, making it a harder target to hit.