'Location(s) ' Blubble Lake
'HP' 96
'Power' 48
'Defense' 56
'Speed' 90
'Experience' 200
'Coins' 40
'Items' Super Mushroom, Supersyrup
'Gear' None
'Related' None

Fawfloppers are grasshopper-like creatures that resemble Fawful who appear in Blubble Lake that Bowser can defeat in the overworld. All Bowser has to do is walk over one to defeat the creature. This means Mario and Luigi exclusively can fight these creatures. These enemies attacks consist of jumping attacks. Its main attack is lunging at a brother. It will first look at the brother before striking. This attack is countered with a jump. However, the Fawflopper may laugh before it does its attack, meaning it is going to jump over the bro, causing no damage. Its other attack includes defying gravity and hopping above the bro little by little. It will then try to fall on top of the bro. This attack can be countered with the hammer. It will look at the brother before striking.