Fawful Express
Fawful Express 2
Location(s) Underground Tunnel
HP 885
Power 294
Defense 130
Speed 30
Experience 3,500
Coins 1,000
Items Star Candy
Gear None
Related None
Fawful Express

The Fawful Express is a giant train with a Fawful face in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In the game, Bowser meets up with the Monty Bros. he encountered in the Underground Tunnel who drive the Fawful Express, telling Bowser that they were working for Fawful the entire time. They then drive the train into Bowser, forcing the Mario brothers to make him giant. After becoming giant, Bowser faces off against the Fawful Express. Bowser has to destroy the train before it reaches the end of the railroad, but he must defeat it using fire, as the height of the Fawful Express will just make Bowser's punches null. The Fawful Express shoots missiles and other weapons at Bowser. They will also send hordes of Choombas at Bowser and sometimes by mistake Mushrooms that heal Bowser. At one point, the Fawful Express will transform a hill into a monster Bowser must fight. The hill monster is a decoy for Bowser while the Fawful Express is being repaired from all the damage it took, so he must breathe fire to damage the train from the inside. If Bowser and the Fawful Express make it to the bridge station, Bowser has three more chances to take out the train, for Bowser can breathe fire on it, and the Fawful Express will release the Monty Bros, who are carrying bombs. Bowser must punch at the right time to make them drop their bombs, and damage the train. If Bowser fails to destroy the Fawful Express before it reaches the end of the track, Bowser will fall through the track making him get a Game Over. After a long fight, Bowser finally defeats the train, it is destroyed, and the Monty Bros are defeated.