Fawful Guy
Fawful Guy'
'Location(s) ' Bowser Path, Bowser Castle
'HP' 172
'Power' 45
'Defense' 57
'Speed' 58
'Experience' 240
'Coins' 60
'Items' Ultra Mushroom, 1-Up Mushroom
'Gear' None
'Related' Shy Guy, Dark Fawful Guy

Fawful Guys are Fawfulized Shy Guys that wear orange robes and a Fawful face mask; They also have a dark version. They can be defeated by Bowser if he punches them in the overworld for coins, but Mario and Luigi have to fight them. They attack in strange ways. One of their attacks is getting eaten by an offscreen creature, encasing themselves in an egg and launching themselves at the bros. Right before the Fawful Guy is launched, a target will appear showing who they will attack. If the brothers jump on the egg, they can cause significant damage to the Fawful Guy. They can also attempt to headbutt the brothers (jumping ala Woozy Guys), which they have to counter with their hammers. At the climax of this attack, a Fawful Guy will occasionally pull out an umbrella and float towards Mario or Luigi, who can still dodge with his hammer.