'Location(s) ' Bowser Path
'HP' 32
'Power' 38
'Defense' 24
'Speed' 27
'Experience' 40
'Coins' 20
'Items' Super Mushroom
'Gear' None
'Related' None

Fawfulcopters are UFO-like enemies that resemble Fawful, and they have one top section with Fawful eyes, then a saucer bottom. Sometimes, a mouth comes out of the bottom on a rod and talk to Bowser. Bowser can inhale them, and Mario and Luigi can fight them. They are fairly weak enemies without an attack. In the place of an attack, they flash a red light, which summons more enemies when fighting with Bowser unless he inhales them, which effectively disables that function.

Fawfulcopters also appear during cutscenes when Bowser is being controlled. They mainly serve as messengers for Fawful when he is not present. They also appear in Princess Peach's Castle and hold keys which open certain doors in the castle. Fawful also taunts Bowser with Fawfulcopters.

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