Fire Flower
Fire Flowers appears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story as a Special Attack obtained by collecting all ten Pump Works Attack Pieces. This attack functions similarly to the Bros. Flowers in Partners in Time, but after certain number of hits, the player can hit both buttons to attack simultaneously. Using this item will also change Mario's and Luigi's outfits to Fire Mario and Fire Luigi's outfits. It cost 4 SP to use this attack. The greatest value of the fire flower comes from its ability to deal sizable damage to groups of enemies, although it gets outclassed by other special attacks like Snack Basket later in the game. This attack also has a chance to burn enemies, which prevents them from moving and deals more damage after some time. Unlike in Partners in Time, the player must tap the buttons at a steady and rhythmic pace in order to attain max effectiveness. Consequently, simply mashing the buttons as fast as possible will actually reduce the amount of damage done. It can be considered one of the hardest moves to get an Excellent on due to the finicky nature of the timing. In the remake, the rhythmic timing was removed, making the fire flower much easier to use.