'Location(s) ' Bumpsy Plains
'HP' 108
'Power' 71
'Defense' 55
'Speed' 35
'Experience' 50
'Coins' 20
'Items' Hot Drumstick, Syrup Jar
'Gear' None
'Related' Snifit, Sneed

Flifits are Snifit-like sunflowers who are first fought by Bowser in Bumpsy Plains during the events of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In battle, Flifits spit Sneeds at the character, which Bowser must counter with a punch or by hiding in his shell. If the Flifit keeps its head still, then it will spit a Sneed at the ground, which will then bounce over Bowser. He must counter this by hiding in his shell to prevent the Sneed from damaging him. However, if the Flifit tilts its head backwards, then the Flifit will send a Sneed straight forward, which Bowser must punch, causing the Sneed to bounce up, and he must hide in his shell again. Flifits are weak to fire (obviously, for they are plants), and if Bowser uses the inhale ability, it will make the Flifit wilt, leaving it a lot more vulnerable than it was with its petals attached. After a few turns, though, a flying Snifit will appear to revive it.

When Mario and Luigi fight these strange plants, the plants attack the same but the attacks need to be dodged differently. When the plant is going to shoot the fast Sneed, Mario and Luigi must jump over it. The Flifit shakes its leaf down for Luigi and up for Mario. When the Flifit shoots it slowly, the brothers must avoid it with the Hammer. Again, the leaf decides which brother the Flifit is going to attack. If any of the attacks hits one of the Mario brothers, a Sneed will help the Flifits battle the brothers. Sneeds can also turn into Flifits implying that Sneeds are seeds or baby versions of Flifits.