Glam Lakitu
Glam Lakitu'
'Location(s) ' Blubble Lake
'HP' 208
'Power' 76
'Defense' 42
'Speed' 40
'Experience' 47
'Coins' 60
'Items' None
'Gear' Gold Crown, Coin Boots
'Related' Lakitu King

Glam Lakitus are Lakitus with crowns found in the Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story when Bowser gets into a battle with a Beehoss or group of Beehosses, the Glam Lakitu may appear on the top screen. Bowser can then try to inhale it. Only Mario and Luigi can battle them. They are almost identical to Lakitu Kings except they are pink while the latter are gold. They have the same attacks as their weaker counterparts, but attack faster and more frequently.