'Location(s) ' Bowser's Body
'HP' 8
'Power' 14
'Defense' 13
'Speed' 12
'Experience' 3
'Coins' 2
'Items' Mushroom, Syrup
'Gear' None
'Related' Elite Goombule

Goombules are a type of cell-based Goombas found inside of the Trash Pit and Pump Works of Bowser's Body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Goombules have a dark pink egg-yolk shaped body with an orange nucleus in the center. To attack Mario or Luigi, a Goombule either charges at the Bros. or tries to roll into them. When a Goombule begins its attacks, it either walks directly to the brother it will use its charge attack against, or it pauses in the center of the battlefield and leans forward or backwards, if it is using its roll attack. If it leans backwards, it is targeting Mario; if it leans forward, it is going to attack Luigi. Both attacks of the Goombule enemies can be avoided by jumping out the way, and with the correct timing, the jump can also be used as a counterattack.

When Mario and Luigi practice one of their Attack Parts moves, the targets are Goombules. They are the first and weakest enemies Mario and Luigi encounter as a team, and ultimately the weakest enemies in the game.

The name Goombule is a pun on "Goomba" and "globule". Starlow also calls them "amoeba things" at the beginning of the game.