Kuzzle is an elderly Koopa Troopa that enjoys doing puzzles, with which his name even rhymes.

He was a former Star Sage before Bowser stole the Star Cure that he was supposed to guard. Out of all three Star Sages, Kuzzle is the only one that is optional to come across, and the only one that is not seen battling, and it is not known if he even fought Bowser over the possession of the Star Cure. Kuzzle later explains the story of the Puzzle Sacks to Mario and Luigi and tells them how his furniture had been stolen by enemies. Mario and Luigi go find the Puzzle Sacks that the furniture is placed in, receiving three beans (a Power Bean, a HP bean, and a Special Bean) after finding each of them and placing them together. If all of the furniture is put together, the Mario Bros. will receive 30 (10 of each of the above) beans.