Leaf Guy
Leaf Guy'
'Location(s) ' Dimble Wood
'HP' 57
'Power' 17
'Defense' 20
'Speed' 32
'Experience' 20
'Coins' 0
'Items' Mushroom
'Gear' Fighter Wear
'Related' Shy Guy, Fly Guy

Leaf Guys are enemies only fought directly in the Wiggler boss battle. Two Leaf Guys will support Wiggler by holding a giant turnip and dropping it on Bowser. If the player uses Bowser's inhale ability, the Leaf Guys will be swallowed by Bowser, and the turnip they were holding will drop onto Wiggler and make it vulnerable or damage it. Then, the Leaf Guys face Mario and Luigi inside Bowser's stomach. The Leaf Guys will fly at the Bros., who must counter their attack with Hammers. In another one of Wiggler's attacks, Wiggler will use a watering can to grow several plants. Wiggler will then harvest the plants and throw them at Bowser, but some of the plants are actually Leaf Guys. Bowser must retreat into his shell to avoid being hit by a falling Leaf Guy.

Leaf Guys also aid in the battle against the Tower of Yikk. They will carry bombs and drop them on Bowser. Occasionally, however, they may carry a Mushroom. Bowser can easily dispose of these enemies with fireballs.