Mechawful Body & Head
'Location(s) ' Peach's Castle Garden
'HP' Body - 277, Head - 98
'Power' Body - 110, Head - 86
'Defense' Body - 87, Head - 80
'Speed' 94
'Experience' Body - 300, Head - 150
'Coins' Body - 70, Head - 20
'Items' Max Mushroom, 1-Up Deluxe
'Gear' None
'Related' Dark Mechawful, Dark Mechawful.5

Mechawfuls are Fawful-themed robots found in Peach's Castle Garden; they are similar to the Dark Mechawfuls and the Orange Mechawfuls used in the battle by the Super Peach Castle, but are also encountered by Mario and Luigi instead of just Bowser.

One of the attacks a Mechawful can use is fly towards one of the Mario Bros and attempts to hit the Mario Bros. with its fist. The brother must hammer the Mechawful multiple times to prevent this from happening. It can also attempt to land on one of the Mario Bros. If the player is unsure of what attack they will use, they can watch the top screen to see what attack the Mechawful is using. The dust marks will also show which bro. is the target of its attack. If the Mechawful has flown off the top screen, it is preparing to land on its target. Mario and Luigi must hit it with a hammer to to deflect it and send it towards the other enemies in the match, if there are any. Bowser must duck at the last instant and remain ducking until the Mechawful is thrown off. The Mechawful's punch attack works the same way for both parties. The Mechawful will rise to the top screen and lad in front of Mario, Luigi, or Bowser. The bros. must hit it with a hammer, or Bowser must punch it, to trigger a roulette of sorts. Failure to do this immediately as it lands means that the Mechawful will punch its target. Once the roulette is activated, the Mechawful's chest light and eyes will randomly cycle through yellow, blue, and red. Whichever color it is when the bros. or Bowser hit it again controls what it does. If blue, the Mechawful returns to its spot without attacking. If yellow, the Mechawful will finish its punch. If red, the Mechawful will self-destruct, harming the bro. who it attacked or Bowser in the process, and only awarding Experience and Coins for the head of the robot, not the body.

When defeated, the head detaches from the body and will either fly away, attack, or summon a new body on the next turn. Bowser can inhale the head, preventing Mechawful from reassembling its body and let Mario and Luigi fight them. Occasionally, the head is destroyed with the body. This usually only happens when the Mechawful has self-destructed, or when the droid is destroyed as a result of a counter-attack.