Metal Mawful Mole
Metal Mawful Mole'
'Location(s) ' Peach's Castle Garden
'HP' 140
'Power' 91
'Defense' 128
'Speed' 49
'Experience' 350
'Coins' 60
'Items' Ultra Mushroom
'Gear' Dent Gloves
'Related' Monty Mole

Mawful Mole

Metal Mawful Moles are metallic and stronger variations of the Mawful Mole that are found in Peach's Castle Garden.

Metal Mawful Moles have two basic attacks. In the first one, they will throw a rock at Mario or Luigi. They can throw the rock right at the bros, or above them. If their glasses are covered with dirt, they will throw above Mario or Luigi's heads and they will not have to jump over it. If the Metal Mawful Mole's glasses aren't dirty, they will throw the rock right at the bros, who will have to jump over it. It is actually possible to jump on the rock if it throws it low, but the player must have extremely good timing. The next attack has them go underground and pop back up in front of Mario or Luigi. The Marios can hammer their heads as the moles come up, but if they are too slow, the moles will jump on their head and cause damage.

It is possible to battle this enemy as a regular enemy as Bowser, although it will chicken out and run away in one to two turns.