Location(s) Peach's Castle
HP 183
Power 247
Defense 130
Speed 25
Experience 580
Coins 80
Items Fiery Drumstick
Gear None
Related None

Naplocks are pig-like golem enemies found in Princess Peach's Castle during the events of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

When a battle starts, the Naplocks fighting will be asleep unless Bowser started the fight with a punch or his fire breath. While asleep, they shoot bubbles at Bowser. Naplocks shoot out two different kinds of bubbles. One of them contains a Mushroom that can heal Bowser if he pops the bubble with his spikes. The other is a green bubble that causes damage and possibly the Sick status. It is avoided by withdrawing into the shell. Naplocks can be awoken by being attacked or if their Alarm Bob-ombs explode. While awake, they attack by spitting out brick blocks and throwing them at Bowser. They spit five to seven brick blocks, then charge at Bowser, who can punch the blocks as the enemy approaches, causing them to break. This can be done up to five times, leaving two blocks. Afterward, the Naplock will throw the blocks into the air, and they will fall toward Bowser. He needs to dodge this attack by withdrawing into his shell. If none of the seven blocks were broken, some damage is unavoidable, as Bowser cannot hold his position long enough for all seven to break. Additionally, if Bowser is hit by any of the blocks, he will be hit by every other falling block as well because he is stunned by the blocks. While in the overworld, they shoot bubbles that will immediately start the fight if they touch Bowser.