'Location(s) ' Toad Town Caves
'HP' 55
'Power' Red - 34, Green - 28
'Defense' Red - 32, Green - 42
'Speed' Red - 48, Green - 32
'Experience' 50
'Coins' 25
'Items' Super Mushroom
'Gear' Happy Charm
'Related' None

Noozes are birds that resemble noses, (thus the origin of their name) and have two forms. One has a red comb and wings resembling Mario's mustache, while the other has a green comb and wings resembling Luigi's mustache.

A given Nooz can switch between the two forms. They attack by "sneezing" at Mario or Luigi. Like Mario and Luigi, they have a Bros. Attack. A red Nooz gets on top of a green Nooz and jumps into the air. It then flies to Mario and tries to land on him. Sometimes the Nooz "sneezes" to slow its descent, causing Mario to counter with his hammer too quickly. Afterward, the green Nooz will attempt to charge Luigi. Noozes can also sing the ending theme from Super Mario Bros. during battle to summon allies. Its color indicates which of the Mario brothers it will attack.

A Nooz is one of the enemies contained in a Junker Can in the battle with Junker. It is always green, but will attack Mario if he destroys the Junker Can the Nooz was hidden in.