'Location(s) ' Energy Hold
'HP' 105
'Power' POW - 53, 46
'Defense' DEF - 68, 48
'Speed' SPEED - 71, 61
'Experience' 120
'Coins' 40
'Items' Supersyrup Jar
'Gear' No-touch Socks, DEF Mush Jam
'Related' None

Peps are a type of enemy that can come in three types found in the Energy Hold in Bowser's Body.

The Peps have two special abilities. They can merge with other enemies to make them stronger in speed, power, or defense, similar to the Ghoul Guys from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. They can also change themselves into a different type of Pep, similar to the viruses from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

POW PepsEdit

POW Peps are red with big muscular arms. POW Peps attack by getting close to Mario or Luigi and attempting to punch them, but Mario or Luigi can counter attack by using the Hammer at the correct time. If this enemy is fused with another enemy, the other enemy increases power.

DEF PepsEdit

DEF Peps are green with a shield next to them. DEF Peps do not attack at all, making it easy to defeat, despite the defense. If this enemy is fused with another, the other enemy will gain higher defense.

SPEED PepsEdit

SPEED Peps are blue with shark like fins. These Peps attack by bolting towards Mario and Luigi. The brothers can counter attack by jumping on them or staying still, depending on which area they are attacking. If this enemy fuses itself to another enemy, it will increase the other enemy's speed.