'Location(s)' Flame Pipe, Dimple wood
'HP' 280
'Power' 25
'Defense' 23
'Speed' 22
'Experience' 200
'Coins' 50
'Items' 1-up Mushroom
'Gear' None
'Related' Scutlet (species)

Scutlet is a tick-like creature found stuck inside Bowser's Body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In English, it shares the name of its species, but is named differently in the Japanese version and partly in other localized versions. The Scutlet found in Bowser's body has grown much bigger than other members of its species, and it has also gained a long tongue.

Scutlet prevented Bowser from breathing fire by blocking his flame pipe, which produced the fire. The Mario bros. investigated, and discovered Scutlet, who then ate Starlow. They fight with Scutlet to allow Bowser to breath fire and to free Starlow. In battle Scutlet has three attacks. One attack involves Scutlet sticking out its tongue in hopes of eating one of the heroic plumbers; the way its eyes point is a sign about who it will attack, and its tongue can then be dodged with a jump causing it to take 5 damage. In the next attack, it wraps its tongue around Starlow and throws her in the air in an attempt to hit Mario or Luigi; this is countered by a hammer swing, which makes Starlow get angry at the bros. Finally, Scutlet gets ejected into the air by Bowser's flame breath, and drifts down towards either Mario or Luigi; this can be jumped over, causing no harm to the bros, but "scutlet" takes 5 damage. Once Scutlet is defeated, Starlow is set free and Bowser can breathe fire again.

Later in the game, more, but normal-sized Scutlets appear outside of Bowser's body in Dimble Wood.