Sea Pipe Statue
Sea Pipe Statue
Location(s) Plack Beach
HP 320 Stone Blooper- 320
Power 40 Stone Blooper- 16
Defense 36 Stone Blooper- 16
Speed 32 Stone Blooper- 28
Experience 120 Stone Blooper- 30
Coins 50 Stone Blooper- 0
Items Hot Drumstick, Mushroom, 1-Up Deluxe
Gear None
Related None

The Sea Pipe Statue is a boss encountered at Plank Beach. It is a fountain statue that Fawful brought to life. On the statue is a Stone Blooper, which comes to life and attacks. It can hide inside one of the pipes attached to the statue and shoot itself at Bowser, who must counter the attack with a punch. To defeat it, Bowser can suck in the Blooper so Mario and Luigi can fight it. In the battle with Mario and Luigi, the Blooper may fly toward them for a tackle attack. Once the Blooper takes enough damage, it will flash red, and its next tackle attack will be much faster. Both of these tackle attacks can be countered by using hammer. Countering its charged-up tackle attack will launch it out of Bowser's mouth and cause it to crash into its statue. Bowser can then attack without fear of retaliation for several turns. Another one of its attacks consists of it embedding itself in the fleshy floor of the battlefield and spinning quickly, thus injuring Bowser. Soon, the Blooper will float out of Bowser's mouth and regain its place on top of the statue.

When the Sea Pipe Statue and Stone Blooper are defeated, the fountain statue becomes a normal fountain, which Bowser can drink out of to fill up his stomach and to allow Mario and Luigi access to the Pump Works.