Snack Basket
Snack Basket is a Special Attack used in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. When using this attack, Luigi will eat falling cookies and other sweets while the player controls him with the D-Pad. As a result of his snacking, Luigi gets very bloated; Mario then grabs him and begins to try to toss him into the air. The player has to press repeatedly here to help Mario. After that, Luigi will initiate a Ground Pound-esque attack by pushing the button. When Luigi lands, a big shockwave will hit all of the enemies on solid ground. Levitating or flying enemies can dodge this move. Pushing right after Luigi goes in the air will make the player get an "Excellent!". This attack costs fourteen SP and seven when reduced. It is also required to knock Chakron out of his "1000 year pose" and get the final Star Cure. To use it, all Dimble Wood Attack Pieces must be collected. This is a fairly easy Special Attack to execute, as getting an "Excellent" ranking only requires that Luigi misses only 2 pieces of food or less. This, Green Shell and Yoo Who Cannon are the only required Attack Pieces in this game. After Luigi has finished the attack he will shrink down to his normal size.