'Location(s) ' Bumpsy Plains
'HP' 74
'Power' 60
'Defense' 70
'Speed' 90
'Experience' 200
'Coins' 50
'Items' Ultra Mushroom
'Gear' None
'Related' Snifit, Flifit

Sneeds are enemies spit out by Flifits as their attack, and if it hits, the Sneed will remain in battle unless there's no space for the Sneed to remain. They can be destroyed in one blow by Bowser, although Mario and Luigi have to fight them. If they are left alone for a while, they will become Flifits. They attack by shooting seeds at Mario and Luigi. It first shoots one seed at a far distance, then it comes closer and shoots another one, then it tries to ram Mario or Luigi which can be countered. The attack is dodged by jumping. If any of the seeds hit Mario or Luigi, the Sneed stops its attack.