Toad Square

Mario and Luigi in the Equipment Shop.

Toad Square is a location from Bowser's Body, apparently inside Bowser's diaphragm where some Toads have established item and equipment shops and a healing drink stand. Toadbert has a stand in which he will explain the basics of the game. Toadsworth will stay here after he is rescued.

Equipment ShopEdit

Equipment Price Effect
Picnic Wear 30 coins Increases defense by 15
Leisure Wear 200 coins Increases defense by 30
Gall Socks 50 coins Monsters are 50% more likely to aim for the wearer.
Starched Socks 250 coins Raises defense by 10%
HP Socks 300 coins Increases HP by 20%.

Item ShopEdit

Item Price Effect
Mushroom 5 Coins Heals 30 HP
Super Mushroom 20 Coins Heals 60 HP
Ultra Mushroom 40 Coins Heals 120 HP
Max Mushroom 60 Coins Heals 240 HP
Syrup 15 Coins Restores 10 SP
Supersyrup Jar 35 Coins Restores 20 SP
Ultrasyrup Jar 60 Coins Restores 30 SP
Max Syrup Jar 100 Coins Restores 40 SP
1UP Mushroom 25 Coins Revives a dead character with ½ HP
1UP Deluxe 100 Coins Revives a dead character with full HP
Nuts 20 Coins Heals 20 HP to both Mario and Luigi.
Super Nuts 80 Coins Heals 40 HP to both Mario and Luigi.
Ultra Nuts 160 Coins Heals 80 HP to both Mario and Luigi.
Refreshing Herb 5 Coins

Cures status effects.

Emoglobin's Special Juice CounterEdit

Item Price Effect
Emoglobin's Special Juice 10 Coins Restores all HP and SP to Mario & Luigi