Tower of Yikk

Giant Bowser fighting against the Tower of Yikk.

The Tower of Yikk is a location based on a large, mechanical tower built by the late Yikk. It is capable of autonomous movement.

The Tower of Yikk is first discovered by Bowser while he is searching for the first Star Cures. On his way to Dimble Wood to confront Durmite (who is not there, unbeknownst to Bowser), he passes a propeller protruding from the surface of Blubble Lake. The Koopa King takes advantage of an allergy to a nearby plant, activating the propeller with a sneeze. This causes the submerged tower to come to life, escaping from the lake and crushing Bowser beneath a mechanical leg. Traveling to an adrenal gland, the Mario brothers activate Bowser's ability to grow to match the size of the tower. He defeats it by punching it into the lake, and then punching the tower's head, its weak spot. Bowser's strength is able to deactivate the tower permanently, allowing him access.

Inside the tower is a Save Block and a Shop Block. A short hallway and an elevator ride lead to what appears to be some sort of study. Here, the door locks behind Bowser. The spirit of Yikk appears and shows Bowser the Boo-ray Machine, which allows the Mario Bros. to pursue Durmite.

Bowser's Inside Story Enemy
Tower of Yikk 2
Tower of Yikk
Location(s) Blubble Lake
HP 508
Power 215
Defense 93
Speed 35
Experience 1800
Coins 800
Items Star Candy
Gear None
Related None