Trashure bis
Location(s) Dimble Wood
HP 147
Power 57
Defense 58
Speed 21
Experience 40
Coins 15
Items Syrup
Gear Fast Cash Ring
Related Dark Trashure

Trashures are brown treasure chests that attack by opening their bodies, and having the lock on them throw either a Scutlet, a Hammer, an iron ball, a Coin or a Mushroom at Bowser. They will throw three to five random items. If countered, the object will fall back on to the Trashure, damaging it if the object thrown is one of the first three items.

If the lock is significantly damaged, it eventually falls off, which makes the chest open, exposing the treasure to Bowser's Vacuum command, which sucks the coins out of the Trashure, defeating it at the same time. If the player does not defeat these enemies within a few turns, the enemies will run away, hopping off the screen. If they run away, the player does not earn any experience points for battling it. Mario and Luigi, having no access to the Vacuum command, have no choice but to simply keep attacking it until it is defeated.

Trashures have a stronger counterpart in the fawfulized Princess Peach's Castle, Dark Trashures.