Wisdurm 2
'Location(s) ' Energy Hold
'HP' 1,610
'Power' small - 48, large - 74
'Defense' small - 39, large - 80
'Speed' 52
'Experience' 2,800
'Coins' 600
'Items' Star Candy
'Gear' Siphon Boots
'Related' Durmite

Wisdurm is the guardian of the first Star Cure. Wisdurm attacks the Mario bros. in various ways. Sometimes she sends a giant heart into the air which quickly flashes a picture of one of the brothers and lands on them. She also attacks by spitting a beam of stars at the Mario brothers. It moves slowly up and down a couple of times. When she takes enough damage, she will use her Magical Rod on her tail to make the brothers switch places while dodging the beam so that they'll have to switch using buttons to dodge attacks. She can also shrink one of the Mario Bros. and attempt to trample them. The shrunken bro must simultaneously move away from her and Hammer her to get away.

Wisdurm starts the battle small, but a gauge above her fills as she takes damage. When the gauge is filled, she transforms into her larger, more powerful form. The Mario Bros. can attack the Magical Rod to empty the gauge faster. After the Magical Rod takes enough damage, Wisdurm will shrink again.

After being defeated, she'll turn into her true form, a butterfly, and drop the Star Cure and the brothers continue their adventure. It is unknown if she ever managed to escape from Bowser's body.

Wisdurm XEdit

Wisdurm X
Wisdurm X
Location(s) Challenge Node
HP 2,380
Power 156
Defense 127
Speed 79
Experience 0
Coins 4,000
Items None
Gear None
Related Wisdurm

Wisdurm X is the third boss faced in The Gauntlet of Challenge Node. It costs 800 Coins to battle Wisdurm X. in this form she attacks the same and the fighting style is the same, too. The only difference is that Wisdurm X has more HP, more attack and more defense and the attacks are tougher to dodge. The star beam attack, for example, is much slower, and Wisdurm X changes the location of the bros. much more than the original did. Wisdurm's stone heart attack is also used more and the make a brother small move has Wisdurm X getting much closer to the Mario brothers and they have to hammer her 4 times in order to stop her. The color scheme has been changed also from pink and yellow to green and orange. The player has 18 turns to destroy Wisdurm X.